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Stylo at the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC

Stylo Furniture and Design stylo_life • Instagram photos and videos

We were excited to attend the Architectural Digest Design show in New York City this year, and left feeling incredibly inspired and ready to hit the drawing board with lots of new ideas.

We were happy to run into many friends and colleagues from other modern furniture design shops like Rexhill Furniture. We also checked out great retro-inspired work from Big Chill Appliances and SMEG USA, elegant Stillfried Wien and Dwell Studio pieces, and literally dozens more designers too numerous to mention.

There are so many exciting things happening in modern furniture design right now, and that’s a huge reason why we love to see the best custom furniture the world has to offer. Design is always changing, always evolving, finding new inspiration and taking unexpected turns. It’s this passion for making something that feels instantly unique and aesthetically appealing that keeps us committed to our craft, and we can see the same goes for the great designers we saw at the show.

Check out the pictures we snapped all over the showroom floor, or follow us on Instagram for photographs of all our travels and work.

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